Dawson's Creek Castfan encounters

Erin (erin_dc2@hotmail.com)

Last January Kerr Smith, Devon Sawa, and Ali Larter came to Victoria (Canada) where i live to shoot the new ending to Final Destination.. they were filming Friday-Tuesday from 6pm-6am.

Day 1. My nana told me that someone from Dawson's Creek was going to be downtown filming a movie, and i just assumed she read the paper wrong because Victoria is a small city on Vancouver Island and no one famous ever comes here.. so i wasn't getting my hopes up. So friday night i called my friend to see if she wanted to go downtown with me to check it out, she said she didn't want to go because it was way too cold and we probably wouldn't see anyone.. so i went by myself, they were filming in this place called Bashion Square, so i went to the main enterance of the square but it was blocked off because they were filming.. so i was bummed and i decided to go home but first i wanted a Vanilla Latte from Starbucks, so i walked up the street to Starbucks and i remembered that if i go down the back ally it takes you to the back of bashion square so, after i got my latte i went down the ally and i saw 4 other girls standing on one side of the ally road thing.. and as i got closer i saw that they were looking at Kerr Smith who was sitting in his chair on a break or something, at that moment i just about died!! So i walked up to the girls and then they ran over to him (about 10 feet away) so i followed, he started talking to us but the security guard made us go back on the other side, so kerr came with us, and he talked to us for about 15 minutes... this one girl said to him "Like oh my god! Do you like know Joshua Jackson?" And he looked at me and the other girls and laughed then said to the girl (in a mocking voice) "Like no i've never met him before, i just work with him everyday" It was sooo funny but the girl didn't think so, she left... then he started talking to us, i was way to star struck to talk the only thing i managed to say was "Can i take a picture of you?" (Thank god i brought my camera!) he looked at me with and said "Well, uh, mmm, only if you're in it with me" I thought he was gonna say no but when he said that and smiled i once again almost died!! So i went beside him and this girl took the pic for me... then he noticed my drink and he said "what are you drinking?" so i told him a vanilla latte and he said "Ooh those are so good! Katie drinks them all the time! Where's the starbucks?" So i told him. Then this girl had paper and a pen and gave me a piece so i got his autograph too! Then this lady came and told him he had to go to make-up and he said (in a cute whinny voice) "But i'm talking to the girls!" Then he promised to come back and the lady pulled him away.

Then he did come back about 2 hours later but there were way to many people.. and he got mobbed.

Day 2. I went back but there were so many people so he didn't come over but he was talking to Devon (sawa) and Kerr lifted up his shirt and said (in an irish accent) "I'm dead sexy!" it was hilarious! I met Devon that day but he seemed stuck up...

That's my story and i'm sticking to it!
Erin :)