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Teddy would like to thank Andrew for... stuff. I'm guessing it's the location manager he's talking about... so thanks Andrew!

WARNING: Long and quite amusing... get the popcorn while it all loads and enjoy!

Teddy's Review "Trip to Capeside"


Those of you who know me, know that I have no friends (outside of the net). I'm not a freak, at least I don't think I am, but I just don't have people that I hang out with, or call to do stuff with. Aquantaces yes. Friends no. The other thing you know about me is that it was my mission in life after seeing the Season Finale of Dawson's Creek, to meet the cast.

Well, for one week of fun, I both had friends, and met the cast. That week of hanging out in Capeside, touring the set of DC, taking a picture with Katie Holmes, and spending almost no time in a room watching TV had to be the best week of my life. Usually my spring break consist of me working every day at my family's restaurant, learning to hate people. So before I start this incredibly long description of a week in Capeside, I would like to thank Matt for pressuring me to go (I almost gave up 'cause of the money),and Tanya for hanging with us.

The Lie:

The fact that I'm a 21 year old cursed with less freedom than a 10yr old has allowed me to become the Greatest Liar On The Planet :-). My parents would never let me go on vacation by myself, let alone to North Carolina, so how do you suppose I spent a week in Wilmington without them knowing? Well, it seems that there was a program at the University of Virginia, where students from UCONN would spend spring break there helping out in the biology research labs. :-) So I made up a little flier on my computer (love this thing), brought it home, and asked if I could go. The rest consisted of keeping my mouth shut so no crappy liars could ruin my trip (I only trust myself with my lies), and then a couple of phone calls during the week from Wilmington. I am in no way telling any of you young'uns to go lie to your parents. I'm 21 years old, and just have crazy overprotective parents. Your parents are just looking out for you. Plus, there is no way you could pull off the stuff I do :-)

Fiction, and reality become one in hell:

The main obstacle of my trip was the 20 hr bus trip to Wilmington. I remember class trips to NYC (2hrs) where I became jittery and stuff. 2 hrs on this trip was cake. Can you even imagine staying awake for 20 hrs let alone riding a bus for that long? Ok, I leave CT on Sunday morning at 11am, and get to Wilmington on Monday morning at 7am? Am I the only one who thinks that's insane? Maybe you're thinking "well Teddy, just recline your seat, and sleep when you are tired." Oh, you think its sooo easy don't you? You must not know that a pushover/nice guy gets eaten alive on the bus.

1. Can't recline seat too much, afraid it will bother person behind me.

2. Big fat women looking for a seat can always smell your fear, and if you make eye contact, you are dead. Let's just say that between NYC and Washington DC (5hrs) I was paralyzed.

So now that you know what hell is like, let me tell you what got me through it. I brought "The Grapes of Wrath" with me. Usually, I get carsick when I read, but Thank God I could read on this trip without problems. So for most of the trip I was emmerced in the life of a farm family migrating west to California. After a few hours my life became the Grapes of Wrath. Heck, I was traveling just like the Joads, to the promised land (Capeside). One part of the book talked about the fact that each time they stopped to sleep, they would be in a new camp, sort of like a new world with new people, and new rules. Well, that's sort of like when you stop at a new bus station, get off, and board another bus. Then one of the buses was late, and I had to wait 3 hrs at the next bus station 'cause we had missed my scheduled bus. What do I do for 3 hrs? Read, that's what. It was the part where the migrants started being called Okies. Nobody wanted them.

Suddenly that's how I felt. Sitting there in the station's cafeteria. I put my feet up to get more comfortable, and a lady yelled at me. Yup, I was an Okie. Ok, this sounds all weird now, but when you are being tortured in hell, your mind has to escape :-). I finally got to Wilmington 3 hrs late. Luckily Matt got there soon 'cause, being the idiots that we are, we didn't set up any way to get in touch with each other once we were in Wilmington. I didn't even know what he looked like, but he was the first normal person I had seen in 20 hrs (freaks ride busses), so I knew it was him.

Life's ambition fulfilled:

I don't know what it was, but something wanted us to do everything we've always wanted to do on that trip. I always have good things happen to me. If I want something bad enough, things always seem to work out. Like with a certain phone bill that for some reason was reduced from $200 to $40 by a computer error (Hey Nicole). I'd say that God loves me, but that would be arrogant. Good stuff just happens to me. Anyway, I had planned to just sleep when I got to Wilmington, but for some reason I wasn't too tired, and just wanted to go out to eat. So we went to the little cafe outside the studios, and had a couple sandwiches, and decided to sit there all day till one of the cast members came out. It didn't take to long before John Shipp (Mitch) came out. There were these girls there from Kansas, that had gotten to the studio early, and held up signs that they were from Kansas, and wanted to see the cast. That right there is the reason people came up. Although the show is incredibly popular, they were still surprised that someone would travel that far. Soon James came up, but I didn't get his autograph, 'cause there is no way I'm gonna get an autograph from a person my own age, when he hasn't really done anything. Plus, it would look really gay :-). Most of the time we just spent waiting. This is when we met Tanya. She was there by herself, from Pennsylvania. She said that this was the studio where the Crow was filmed, which is cool 'cause that's like my favorite non-comedy movie. I'm pretty sure I like it for different reasons than Tanya, but that's beside the point. Lets just say I don't watch it to see Brandon Lee in leather pants :-). I wasn't expecting to see much of the cast, or the set because the tours are on the weekend, and I wouldn't be there, but like I said good stuff always happens. I would love to just describe what happened minute by minute, but that would take forever. This is getting long as it is. Lets just say that those wonderful girls from Kansas got us a private tour of the set. The location manager, Andrew, came up and asked if we would like to see the set, and watch them filming. We got to take pictures everywhere. On Dawson's bed, coming through his window, at Capeside High, everywhere. We even got to see where Brandon Lee was killed during the Crow. We were supposed to go watch filming, but they were filming a dangerous scene with fire, so only essential personnel were allowed. We got to watch through an LCD screen with the sound guy, which was pretty cool. Then when were waiting outside in the lot, trying to figure out what were gonna do next, I saw the door of the make up trailer open up. Guess who it was? KATIE HOLMES!! She looked at us for like 3 secs, but when I nudged Matt to look at her she got scared and walked away. I never felt more like a weirdo. Andrew started telling us that she is shy around fans, and that maybe she'll come around later. I know this sounds mean, but it was like she was some kind of zoo animal, forced to take pictures with visitors. Kind of took away from the magic of it :-) While we waited, James walked by us covered in soot from the fire scene. Then Katie came around, and took pics with us, and said hi. She smelled really good. I gotta get me that perfume :-) Oh, and I got to see her big smile in real life. Its just like on TV, but more... real :-) Andrew was soo cool, he even invited us to eat with the cast at 5:00, which sounds more exciting than it was. It was a very stressful day for the cast and crew, so we all felt like intruders. We didn't even eat. We just sat at the bar, and waited for them to finish eating so we could take some pics. Looking back, maybe we should of just walked up to them like fanboys and started taking pictures like crazy. It's not like we are ever gonna see them again, but when you are there, you feel kind of bad for them. We saw Kerr Smith, but he didn't stick around long enough to take pics. James and Katie left too. Only Josh and Michelle (who is realllllly hot in person) stayed and took pics. They were both really cool. When it was all over, Matt wanted to just walk on to the studio lot with everyone else and pretend we worked there, but that wasn't gonna happen. They were so nice to us, we couldn't ruin it.

Teddy, almost a celebrity:

This is kind of out there, but when I was talking to those girls from Kansas (sorry, don't remember names), I asked them if they ever go online. They said that they are online all the time, so I asked if they ever been to the augi site and seen my reviews. They hadn't :-( Hey, I was one question away from "Wow, you're Teddy?" :-) LOL ok, I'm a loser, shoot me.

A Special Thanks:

Just wanted to thank Andrew again, for being so nice to us, and for not kicking me off the set when I tried to pick up Joey's fake head and take a picture of me kissing it. :-) Hey, I had to try. We couldn't think of many questions to ask him on the set, but since he's the location manager, I wish we had him with us for the rest of the week. He could of showed us where every scene was shot.

Crazy Assumptions:

After we left the studio, we asked Tanya if she wanted to hang out with us that night in Capeside. She said ok, and even moved to the motel building we were in. So from that point on, we did everything together. Three complete strangers became best friends for a week. On Wednesday (I think) I find out that Tanya thought we were gay. Her reasoning?

1. We met on the internet (ok, reasonable)
2. We like DC (again reasonable)
3. We didn't say she looked sexy in her leather pants ( I'm just really shy and try to show respect, but ok, reasonable)
4. We like Jewel, and Sarah Mclauchlan (yeah, that is gay, but I blame Matt for that. You gotta hide gay CDs damn it!!! You come to my house, all you'll find is a bunch of Metallica, Beastie boys, Cannibus, Rage, and like 4 Rage bootlegs. Jewel is not in plain sight :-) )

Why is it that some frat boy rips off his shirt and jumps around with a bunch of other shirtless frat boys in a mosh pit, and that's not gay, but I don't compliment some girl on her ass, and I'm suddenly gay?

Tanya knew us for less than a day before she assumed we were gay. It took me a week with her to come to the conclusion that she was a crazy astrology obsessed witch that is going to hunt me down and kill me in a satanic ritual. See the distinction? :-)

Longest Vacation ever:

I've spent three pages telling you about what happened when we met the cast, and stuff, which is probably what you guys want to hear about. There is so much more that happened on the trip that I wanna tell everyone about, but I'll try to make it short without leaving stuff out.

Each day on this trip felt like two. You'd never believe the stuff we did on this trip. By 5pm on Monday, we had already met the cast and taken pictures, so the rest of the week was open to do whatever we wanted.

Monday Night: Drove to a secluded beach, but only stayed for 2 min 'cause everyone got scared. Well, everyone but me. Its amazing how a small prayer can calm your fears. Anyway, Tanya got all jumpy when I mentioned the fact that we were in the perfect "Unsolved Mysteries" situation, so we left. We really didn't do much, but it was still fun.

Tuesday: We spent the day taking pictures in Capeside. Matt is cool 'cause he actually knew where a lot of stuff was filmed. If it wasn't for him, I don't think we would have gotten half the pictures that we did.

Tuesday Night: We got tickets to see Everclear in concert, so we headed down to Myrtle beach. Actually Matt headed down there, I couldn't make it back to the hotel if you dropped me off around the corner (I'm bad with direction). We passed a bunch of fireworks stores (my dream place), but Matt wouldn't stop. Guess he's not as obsessed with fireworks as I am. The concert was really cool. I can't say I love Everclear, but Jimmy's Chicken Shack was there by surprise, and they were really cool. During one of their songs, I made it down to the mosh pit (first time ever), which turns out to be pretty dumb. I'm a pretty quite person, but at concerts I just go crazy jumping around, and yelling swears at the band, like most people. I just don't see the fun of pushing each other around in a small circle. If that's not gay, I don't know what is. Oh, before the concert we ate at a place that had ribs. Mmmmm ribs :-). I don't know what it was with Matt and Tanya, but they didn't seem to be as excited as me about eating out. Well, Tanya shared my excitement at the buffet, but other than that they were pretty blah. I guess it had something to do with the fact that I'm used to eating every three hours (metabolism thing) and during the trip we ate only twice a day. Plus the fact that my normal diet consists of lentil soup, carrots, and protein shakes :-).

Wednesday: The day consisted pretty much of taking pictures, and hanging out in the different stores. There was actually a store there that sold army surplus stuff, and there were swastikas in one of the glasscases. Ummmm, guess that's the south for ya. We also went to see the house that's used as the outside of Dawsons' house, but it was private property,and Matt and Tanya didn't wanna walk up to the house. It was St Patty's day, so that night we decided we would go to the Icehouse. Have a couple of beers, and play pool. It was 21 and over, and Tanya couldn't get in, so we ended up going to a dance club. I don't dance, but there was a pool table (a crappy one, but..) there, and there was free disgusting bud drafts all night, so what the hey :-) . For a little while, we hung out in this little room with couches and stuff. Tanya and Matt left me there (I was a little drunk, and really tired 'cause we never slept). After a few minutes this guy comes in, and hugs every other guy in the room good bye. Suddenly the sign outside that read "Alternative" wasn't talking about the music. I quickly ran down to Tanya and Matt. I didn't care if we stayed, but I wasn't sitting in no gay room :-). So anyway, Matt and Tanya danced, and I drank. Trying to overwhelm my ingrained fear of ridicule and make myself dance with liquor, but it didn't work. I just got drunk. For some reason I decided to go for a walk around the block by myself. Looking back that was pretty dumb.

1. It's the south
2. It's ST. Patty's day, everyone is drunk.
3. I'm coming out of a gay dance club.

I'm pretty sure those are the ingredients for a good old fashioned gaybashing, maybe by some neo Nazis. Anyway, I got safely back to the club, and met up with Matt and Tanya, who were wondering where I had gone. We decided to go walk around Capeside. I started doing stupid stuff like hanging my legs off the pier getting ready to jump in the water. I really don't know what stopped me (being drunk is kind of scary when you look back). It was fun though. We acted out DC moments, and I climbed a tree. Matt and Tanya thought I was crazy, but they don't understand that I was a fat kid my whole life. I couldn't just climb trees, or fences. That's actually the first time I climbed a tree. Just wait till I can do a few pull ups. I'll be climbing everything :-).

Thursday: I was supposed to leave at 3 on Thursday, but we changed my ticket to the 8:45 bus, so I had another day in Wilmington. We went back to Dawson's house 'cause I said I'd go ask the people who lived there if we could take some pics. An old man was there. I was very polite, but once he heard what I wanted, he got real pissed, and said this is private property and stuff. All I have to say is SCREW YOU OLD MAN. I take comfort in the fact that all your kids have probably abandoned you and you live alone. Later that day we went to a carnival. Yup, we did everything DC that week. The carnival isn't all its cracked up to be though. The rides made me sick (I'm getting old), and you couldn't take a step without being yelled at by some carnie. I was actually scared to walk by the games because the carnies would just badger you non-stop. You want me to prove my manhood by playing some rigged game? Yeah, I have enough self esteem problems, I don't' need that.

Hell on Wheels:

At 8:30 we went to the bus stop to wait for satan's transportation device. As I picked out the pictures I wanted to take, Matt put on "Full of Grace" by Sarah. His philosophy is that you have to make your own drama, or your life will be boring. What a dork :-) Well, the bus came, and I got on. Realized that I didn't buy new batteries for my walkman, and almost began crying. 20 hrs with no entertainment. Now that is hell. Actually, for some magical reason, my batteries lasted for my whole Jewel CD, and then wouldn't play again. It was nice 'cause I was feeling depressed (Post Capeside depression) and that CD reminds me of my long hours of chatting with Nicole, so... :-) I can't really remember the trip after that. Your mind usually blocks out hours of torture. I know exactly what hell is now. Hell is an endless bus trip, where you stop every 10 hrs for a 3 hr layover in a bus station full of carnies.

What I need:

Well, that's the trip. Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip. What I need everyone to do is write me and let me know how jealous you are of me. Now that I'm no longer in Capeside, your jealously is all I have :-) I'm kidding. Thanks for reading. Feel free to ask me questions about the trip. Don't let me forget it.

My Wilmington Trip:

A Lesson in Fate

(Warning: contains warm and fuzzies, illegal activities, sexual tension, and drinking)

I recently returned from Wilmington, NC and am now staring at my computer screen trying to figure out how I can possibly describe my week to those of you that actually care to read about it. I am sure everyone wants to know about my experience meeting the cast and visiting the set, but looking back, that's not the part of the trip that I remember most. I remember a gigantic, intoxicating blur, one in which I spent the best week of my life with two of the best friends I could ever hope to meet.

Now a little something about fate. Some people believe that things happen for a purpose, that there are no random acts or events, that our destinies are predetermined no matter what we do. Others believe that we are in complete control of our own destinies, that we choose our own fate based on the series of choices that we make throughout life. And still there are others that believe in a little of both or nothing at all. I don't know what I believe. But after last week I am sure that there is something going on, and that I don't have complete control over it. I say this because one random act, Teddy's bus arriving late, led to a series of events and strange coincidences that have changed my life forever. After last week, nothing will be the same again.

It all started on Monday when I picked Teddy up three hours late from the bus stop. After picking him up I decided to head to the studio where Dawson's Creek films. They were in the middle of their last day of filming for the season. We happened to be in the right place, with the right people, at the right time, and as a result we got to go onto the lot and see and do everything a fan could hope for. We also met Tanya. Tanya is not from the list, but she was there for the same reason we were. When I first met Tanya I was taken aback by her beauty, spark, cool glitter make-up (note - glitter is cool), and the fact that she was actually talking to Teddy and me. She was there by herself, and we told her that we had just technically met ourselves. We were all strangers with not much in common except for the fact that we loved Dawson's Creek and we had a week to spend in Wilmington.

Everyone wants to know how we got to meet the cast and get onto the set. It was fate. There were a couple of girls from Kansas that were very vocal about how far they had traveled to see the cast. When we saw how impressed and shocked the cast and crew was by this, we began pointing out the fact that we had traveled too. Word got around to the powers that be and Andrew, the location manager, was sent to make our dreams come true. We got to run rampant through the stages, watch filming, take pictures, meet the cast and crew, and eat with them during their last meal of the season. It was very strange seeing everything. Everything seems so magical on the show, but the magic is taken away when you realize how fake everything really is. There is a very talented group of people working very hard to entertain us for a few minutes each week. It is also a very strange experience meeting the cast. You can tell yourself that they are just like you, only with a cooler job. That is very far from the truth. They can never be themselves around fans. They are polite and friendly, but very guarded. James and Katie seemed much more affected than Josh and Michelle. It was as if James and Katie were inside a bubble. But it's easy to understand why. We know them only as their characters. And we only know what personal information they decide to reveal in magazines. It was really interesting to be able to look at it from their perspective. We stayed until there was nothing left for us to see. After a few hours on the lot the magic fades and it gets cold. After our day at the studio wrapped up we decided we would all meet up later that evening to hangout. The fun was beginning.

I do have to add a funny side note. Tanya and I went to get something from her VW Bus and while we were out there she asked if Teddy and I were gay. Let's just say that I was shocked and disturbed that she thought that. I quickly explained to her that we were not and that we had been planning the Dawson's Creek trip forever. I didn't tell Teddy this, there is no tactful way to tell your friend that a girl thinks the two of you are a couple. I just let him go on living in oblivion. Teddy probably didn't want me to add this part, but it adds more to the story, and it sort of became a running joke for the rest of the week.

Monday night was fun. We also got the first appearance of Tanya's leather pants. Damn. That's all I can say. A guy's coolness quotient goes up ten times when he is hanging out with a hot girl in leather pants. Since I didn't say it at the time, thus leading her to believe that we were gay, I will say it now, Tanya looked phenomenal in her pants. We went downtown and checked out the sights. We had to take the necessary pictures, you know the ones: hanging out at the fountain, in front of Screenplay, the Icehouse, etc. We ate somewhere, I'm sure it was ribs or some sort of red meat. Tanya may be small, but she has an appetite, and Teddy just has an appetite. :) Then we drove to Kure Beach. It is an awesome drive through a long, dark, deserted beach road that goes through some sort of witch-like trees. The conversation turned to witchcraft, killers, and things of that nature. The thought occurred to us simultaneously that we were all very trusting. Three total strangers were together in a dark, desolate section of beach, miles away from their homes. We got scared and left.

Tuesday was an awesome day, as they all were. We woke up to a beautiful day, a little earlier than planned (Tanya didn't want to waste time). Once again we headed downtown. It was much better to take pictures in the daylight. We had to reenact our favorite scenes from the show. I am sure other people thought we were idiots, but I didn't care. The rest of the day was spent looking around, etc. We then found out that Everclear was opening their US tour that evening at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC and we were determined to go. The concert was awesome. The House of Blues was packed, Everclear was great, the beer was flowing, and Teddy even made it into the mosh pit. It wasn't Rage, but I think Teddy had fun. The only thing that sucked about the concert was the asshole Gorilla who stood on top of a railing right in front of Tanya, me, and a bunch of other concertgoers. Teddy actually had the balls to ask the guy to sit down. The guy didn't budge, and for a moment I thought Teddy was gonna get his ass beat. But the guy finally acquiesced and gave us our view back. The concert ended and we drove our tired selves back to Capeside, I mean Wilmington.

One other thing about Tuesday that is important. From the moment we set foot in Wilmington we all began talking about how much we would love to live there. On Tuesday Tanya changed from "wouldn't it be great" to "I would move to Wilmington, if only I had someone to do it with me." Yes, I knew she was hinting that she wanted to move to Wilmington, and wanted me to do it with her, but I was taking it as a joke, at least for the time being.

On Wednesday we were back to the same old. Time was slipping by faster than we would have liked and there was still so much we had to see. We were cruising through town in Tanya's VW Bus, which is an awesome experience in itself. We found Dawson and Jen's houses, but none of us had the guts to walkup and take pictures. We were afraid of the Private Property signs and the people that lived there. Actually Teddy did want to take pictures, but Tanya and I were cowards. Teddy probably pouted about it until the next day. :) From there we headed to Wrightsville Beach to see the Oceanic Pier (from the credits). It was a blast. The beach was gorgeous and we had fun frolicking around taking our pictures. After the beach we made a quick stop back at the hotel room (got the leather pants) and then headed downtown for a night of fun and debauchery.

Before I go any further with the torrid tale of our night on the town in Wilmington, I must first comment on fate again. By Wednesday we had formed a surrogate little family. Over the course of three days we had established a comfort level and trust with each other that was amazing. When we first met we had little in common. After a few days we had more in common than we realized. The slight differences we had only seemed to compliment each other. What are the odds that three strangers would show up in a different city, become friends, and all have a sick, unhealthy obsession with Dawson's Creek? It had to be fate. If Teddy's bus had arrived on time none of it would have ever happened. And if We hadn't met Tanya, Teddy and I would have wasted our week away drinking and playing pool at the Icehouse.

It wasn't just the big coincidences that were making me believe things were happening for a reason, it was the little things too. Little things like shared thoughts, similar dreams, same desires, and a little déjà vu all start making you wonder. By Wednesday I was echoing Tanya with thoughts of moving to Wilmington. She was determined to move, and I was becoming more and more enamored with the idea. I was consumed with the idea that moving to Wilmington might not be that bad of an idea. Who were we to tempt fate? Teddy just kept saying something about self-fulfilled prophecies. Whatever Teddy. You can't destroy our dreams. :)

Back to Wednesday, St. Patrick's Day, the alcoholic's day of celebration. After a thoroughly delicious and fulfilling dinner at a country buffet (me, being sarcastic, never!) it was time to hit the clubs. First stop, the Icehouse. After finding out that the Icehouse was twenty-one and up we went somewhere else. There was no way Teddy and I could leave Tanya behind. And besides, screw the Icehouse. There is a reason they burn it down. After a couple of trips around downtown we realized that our prospects for a night of dancing, fun, and drinking were somewhat limited. Wilmington is not the place to be if you are under twenty-one. Just before we were to give up, a sign appeared. We spotted our friend Andrew. Any time you see someone you know from the show, or find something related to the show, it is a sign. After seeing him, we found our place for the evening, Club Bizarre.

The Bizarre was fun. Four Dollars all you can drink cover charge, you just can't beat that. We played a couple of games of pool (Teddy is the master) and then the dancing bug began eating away at Tanya and me. Unfortunately, no one was dancing, and I'm not confident enough in my dancing ability to be out there by myself, at least until I've had a couple of drinks. It was such a waste because the club had some awesome dance floors. While waiting for the club to liven up, we retreated to a hidden loft in the back. Tanya was feeling left out, so we provided her a drink or two. I know, I know, underage drinking is not always a good thing, but she is very mature, we are all responsible, and she is a friend. After the buzz began taking hold Tanya and I were bound for the floor. I don't know where Teddy went at this point, since he refused to dance, but I think he became friends with the bartender. I had a blast dancing. Tanya can dance, of course that goes without saying if you are wearing leather pants. I can move around in rhythmic spasms that somewhat resemble dancing. The highlight was Tanya and me making it into the cage above the dance floor. Dancing and drinking can consume you until you are no longer in control. The moment I sat foot in the cage I wanted to take my shirt off. I am glad I didn't because it was around this time that I began noticing that there was something "different" about this club. After a break from dancing our suspicions were confirmed. Tanya wanted some clove cigarettes and Teddy went upstairs to hunt some down. I'm not sure what he saw or what happened to Teddy upstairs, but when he returned he assured us that it was a gay club. Actually I do know what happened, and it is funny, but Teddy will have to tell that one himself. :) Open minded and secure with our own sexuality, we stayed for a little more dancing and then decided to wrap things up at the club.

After the club things began getting fun. Teddy was drunk, Tanya might have been a little buzzed, and I was no longer buzzing, but I was still going. We began wondering around downtown at three in the morning. Wilmington is a great city because you can actually wonder around safely at that time of the morning. We were running through alleys, up and down streets, checking out the miserable drunks puking in the streets, and just having fun. We went to the waterfront downtown and talked forever. We talked Teddy out of swimming in the river and he talked us into trying to climb the wall in front of city hall (AKA Capeside Museum of Art). I was the only one who could scale the wall, just call me Spiderman. It was fun. A night of reckless abandon on what was supposed to be our last night in Wilmington.

Thursday morning was sad. It is miserable waking up smelling like cigarettes, tasting beer in your mouth, and feeling sore because you were trying to climb walls downtown, all the while knowing that your fun is almost over. We had to get an early start because it was our last day and there was so much to seeand do. After dragging Tanya out of bed we headed downtown to get our pictures developed. While downtown we were able to get Teddy a later bus and I arranged it to where I could stay another day with Tanya. I just couldn't leave Capeside. We went to check out the mall. The mall was a joke. When I am living in Wilmington I promise I will never again go to their pathetic excuse for a mall. After the mall Tanya and I took the next step towards our move to Wilmington, we went to check out an apartment complex. Once at the complex I realized how serious the prospect of moving really was and was about to back out. Then another sign appeared. We mentioned to the apartment lady that we were there because of Dawson's Creek. We also talked about how it was our dream to work in film. It turns out that the apartment managers husband is a cinematographer for Dawson's Creek and he would be happy to talk to us if we ever had questions. From that point I was sold. Even Teddy was shocked by that one. With the decision to move to Wilmington already made we decided to focus our efforts on seeing all that we could before Teddy had to leave.

Since Teddy had been pouting about not getting to take pictures of Dawson and Jen's houses we decided to take him back. Teddy got his courage together and went to ask the owner if we could take pictures. It must not have gone well because he came running back to the car wanting to leave. :) If you ever go to Wilmington the only way you are going to get pictures of the house is by boat. From the house we went to The Dockside in Wrightsville beach to have an afternoon snack. The Dockside is where they shoot the exterior shots of the Icehouse. After some pictures and some delicious chocolate cake we had one last official stop on the whirlwind tour of Capeside, UNC-W. It is a gorgeous campus and I am definitely going to go to school there. We had a blast reenacting scenes from the show. My favorite was putting my coat over Tanya, running through the rain, while the New Radicals played in my head, and Teddy took pictures. It was also fun fighting with Tanya after I found out that she kissed Jack at the dance. In case you were wondering, it was at UNC-W that I lost all touch with reality. I will have those pictures to the list soon.

After UNC-W we only had a couple of hours left before Teddy had to leave and there was one last stop, the carnival. What a perfect way to end the trip. A carnival had pulled into town and visions of the "Double Date" episode danced in our heads. It was my first trip to a real carnival, sad isn't it? The idea of the carnival turned out to be much better than the carnival itself. I was ripped off by the evil carnies and now have a profound fear of those wonderful travelers and gamesmen called carnies. Now let me tell you about the rides of death. It seemed like a good idea at the time to buy a whole bunch of tickets and ride as many rides as we could after eating some greasy Pizza Hut. The first ride was fun, if your idea of fun is hanging upside down until your eyeballs pop out. The next ride was just as fun, except it took the upside down aspect and incorporated spinning in circles at the speed of light. From there Teddy was out. Tanya was still up for more rides, and I was trying to be a macho man. The next ride was as fun as drinking a Big Gulp from 7-11 and then having someone stand on your bladder. There were a couple of rides after that one, and then the final ride, The Orbitor. In my twenty-three years of life I have experienced a lot of pain and suffering, but nothing like this. We got on The Orbitor because it looked somewhat harmless. We were wrong. As soon as the ride started we were taken to another dimension located somewhere between heaven and hell, but I think it was much closer to hell. I felt things inside my body that I had never felt before. My voice went up ten octaves and I was crying. But because this was another dimension, my screaming and crying were misinterpreted as joy and laughter by the operator, enticing him to make it go faster and faster. After the ride ended and we were brought back to this world I spent a few minutes on the ground dry heaving. The carnival, what fun!

Before long, the moment Teddy had dreaded was upon us, it was time to take Teddy to the bus station. It was a quiet, somber experience driving him there. We were all lost in a cloud of sadness. It is sad to make such a good friend and then have to watch them leave. Conneticut is so far away from Wilmington, and it is hard to say how long it will be before we get to hang out again. Also, Teddy seemed none too happy with the prospect of his twenty-three hour journey. Before he got on the bus we said our good-byes, then Teddy told us to listen to Sarah McLauchlan's "Full of Grace" as he drove off. It was just like last year's season finale of "Buffy." Off he drove into the sunset.

And then there were two. Tanya and I had one more evening left in Wilmington and we didn't want to waste it. By this point we were both firmly committed to moving to Wilmington. We planned on spinning the evening searching the papers for jobs and apartments. After a quick stop at the store for some wine and snacks we went back to her room. After a little bit of wine the search was no longer worth the effort. Wine is special that way. Drinking wine is like drinking a warm/fuzzy. The plan was to get up at four a.m. so we decided to call it an early night. Now a little something about akwardness. Remember the season finale when Dawson and Joey share the bed at the hotel? It is a big deal to Dawson and Joey seems unaffected. I was living that moment. I am an idiot. I have slept in the same bed with girls before (interpret that as you like ;) ...just kidding), and there is always that "thing", that awkwardness that is hard to pinpoint. Sexual tension is inescapable and it is much more entertaining on television than it is when you are confronted with it. I don't think we were in any danger of losing ourselves as slaves to passion, but every once in a while the thought would appear. What can I say? I am sure all of this was lost on Tanya. After talking about our future in Wilmington, vampires, and many other late night wine-induced topics Tanya finally fell asleep. I slept very little. I'm not sure when I actually fell asleep, but I am sure it was about five minutes before the wake-up call. After a brief conversation we decided to stay another day. It is much harder to leave Wilmington than you would believe.

Friday was a beautiful day. We wondered around downtown like usual. And who did we happen to run into? Our friend Andrew again. He actually spotted us and pulled over. It was definitely another sign. We were powerless to resist Wilmington calling us. The rest of the day was spent driving around, shopping, and enjoying the last few hours we had in Wilmington. Friday night was very similar to Thursday night. We had some more wine and some more fun. We even consulted some Tarot cards to make sure we were making the right decision. We were, and I don't want any comments about Tarot cards. The evening was also kind of sad. We were on borrowed time in Wilmington and knew that we had to leave soon. I don't know why, but Friday night seemed strange to me. We were so comfortable with each other that I was almost scared. I felt like we were some sort of twisted version of an old married couple. One last funny thing did happen. We turned on the television and the carnival episode of The Simpsons was on. Visions of the Orbitor flashed through my mind. While we laid in bed I reflected on the past week. It really was the best week of my life. It was also a life changing experience. What are the odds that Teddy and I would meet Tanya, someone who is in the same situationas me. We both have similar goals and fell in love with Wilmington. It is the perfect time for us to take control of our lives and move. Life rarely presents you with an opportunity like this. It has to be fate. I am very excited about the future ahead. And we look forward to Teddy moving down with us as soon as its time for him to attend graduate school.

After another brief, but restful night's sleep, morning came and it was time to leave Wilmington. I remember it through a haze. I was sad to be leaving, but I was excited because I knew that I would be back again soon. As we finally hugged and said our good-byes, I got in my car, turned up "Full of Grace" and drove across the Cape Fear River bridge, leaving sunrise over Wilmington behind me. I will return soon.

Teddy Again

Ok, I spent all day writing that review of my trip, and I guess I forgot the best parts. I just read Matts' review, and had to add some stuff to my review. Instead of posting the whole thing agian, I'll just post the revisions.

First is the part about the concert and that guy who was blocking us:

Then when we were waiting for Everclear to come on, this guy that was sitting on a higher platform stood up, so that no one behind him could see. Matt and Tanya thought I was cool when I told him he had to sit down when Everclear came on, but the guy wasnt built or anything, he was kind of fat strong. Looked sort of like me when I was fat, so I know he has no self esteem. We can smell our own :-) Anyway, when he wouldn't sit down, some guy behind me said we had to tell him agian. Basically I had the support of the 20 people behind us. When he didn't sit down the second time, I went to get a beer to throw at him (Matt doesnt know this). I would have had Tanya throw it :-) By the time I asked for the beer, a security guard made the guy sit down, so we missed out on the fun :-).

The other thing is the incident in the gay room. Can't believe I "forgot" this one :-) :

Tanya then asked if they sold Cloves instead of cigarrettes. I dont know what cloves are, but I heard the guys in the room upstairs talking about them, so I told her I'd go buy a couple of them for her. I get up there, and ask for the cloves, and put a dollar on the table for 3. Then this guy at table goes "You're showing" I'm like what? Apparantly he was refering to my nipples. How f_ed up is that? What do you say to that? I just took my Ciggs and left. I shouldnt have said anything to Tanya and Matt, but I was drunk, and for some reason I had to tell. Then for the rest of the trip, every five seconds was "Hey Teddy, you're showing".

Ok, those are a couple of tidbits for you guy.